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Healthcare Consulting and Rehabilitation Services

"We put the Caring into Health Care"



General Information

  1. What type of jobs does Holsman Healthcare offer?
    A. Holsman Healthcare, is a rehabilitation services company who employs Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists. You can work in per diem, temporary, or travel assignments or work in a permanent position along your career path. When you complete your online application, you can designate what type of assignments or placements you prefer.
  2. We are not a recruiter or head hunter.

  3. Will I be an employee of Holsman Healthcare?
    A. Yes. Regardless of the type of assignment you accept, you are an employee of Holsman Healthcare. We pay your wages directly to you after withholding and paying all employment taxes, workers' compensation, and any benefits selections as requested. Holsman Healthcare also evaluates your performance through performance evaluations.
  4. We maintain an Employer-Employee relationship between you and Holsman Healthcare.

  5. What happens when I apply online?
    A. Once you complete the online application, our team will receive your information and distribute it to the appropriate division depending upon your preferences. One of our team members will contact you to follow up on any questions, requests or to get more information about you and your career. Once you register on the website, you may complete the online application and applicable skills checklist to get you started quickly.
  6. What will my salary be?
    A. Your salary or pay rate depends upon your modality, specialty, and experience, as well as the facility and location in which you work. In per diem and travel assignments, you may have flexibility in pay rate depending upon what amenities you may need or want while working. or Full time work, you will talk directly to the Managing Director and will work with you to create   the best compensation package possible.
  7. When and how will I be paid?
    A. Holsman pays all our employees, full time, part time, per diem and travel staff bi-weekly through direct deposit.
  8. Does Holsman offer bonuses on assignments?
    A. Yes, for our travel and per diem divisions, Holsman offers extension and loyalty bonuses. Many of our clients in travel, per diem, and permanent placement offer a variety of bonuses and incentives specific to their locations and assignments. Also, Holsman offers referral bonuses. For more information on bonuses available to your assignments or placements, talk to our office manager.
  9. How are my taxes handled?
    A. For full time, per diem and travel employees, Holsman withholds all necessary taxes. You will receive a W-2 from every state in which you've worked at the end of the year. You are not an independent contractor. For specific tax questions, you should talk to your personal tax advisor.
  10. Does Holsman offer any bonuses if I refer a friend?
    A. Yes. We offer a referral bonus for any potential employees you refer to Holsman who begin corporate employment with Holsman or complete a travel assignment. After your referral completes the first assignment, you will receive a bonus from $350 - $1000, depending upon the specialty area and modality of your referral.
  11. When can I sign up for medical and dental insurance?
    A. You may sign up immediately upon hire for benefits based on the compensation package selected. There is NO waiting period for coverage/enrollment if you opt to receive Medical and Dental insurance on your compensation package.

  12. What type of medical benefits does Holsman offer?
    A. We offer medical  and dental insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  13. Do you have a 401(k) plan?
    A. Yes. You are eligible to make contributions to a 401(k) retirement (traditional and Roth) account. PAI   manages our 401(k) plan, you may visit ww.PAI.com to manage your account after being enrolled.
  14. Holsman Healthcare also matches a percentage of your contribution.

  15. Can I get insurance coverage for my spouse or dependents?
    A. Yes, you may add an eligible spouse or dependent(s) when selecting your benefits plan. Just select the appropriate program option - whether that be employee and spouse, employee and child, or family - and complete all necessary paperwork and pay the assigned premiums.

Per Diem Staffing

  1. Where does Holsman place per diem therapists?
    A. Currently, Holsman has many per diem opportunities and places staff throughout New Jersey with a focus in the Northern and Central area of New Jersey. We anticipate opening additional per diem offices across the country.
  2. How do I get started?
    A. Complete the online application or contact one of our team members today by phone or email. Once you complete your application and provide some additional documentation and verifications, you can begin taking shifts.

Permanent Placement

  1. Why should I work for Holsman Healthcare?
    A. Holsman Healthcare provides you  with various opportunities to work in different settings and be rewarded for it. Holsman Healthcare has contracts with major healthcare systems and networks, leading private groups, clinics and government agencies-positions you may never find on your own.

  2. How do I get started?
    A. Call our office  at 1877.268-9100 or contact us via email. One of our outstanding staff will work with you to understand your goals and interests, collect all of the necessary information, and start the search to find you the perfect job.
  3. How does the placement process work?
    A. Our process is focused on preparation. We know the opportunity, the decision makers in the search project, the culture of the organization, and the reputation the facility has in the marketplace. We leverage that understanding to prepare and coach our candidates throughout the interview process. Our process is geared to ensure that from beginning to end, surprises and odd turns are kept to the absolute minimum. Without exception, our search process necessitates a relationship between the Holsman representative and candidate based on honesty, trust, and cooperation. Candidates must be willing to invest in the process for it to have a successful outcome. "Investing" means making time to interview, preparing for interviews, being honest with your feelings and opinions, and keeping your representative updated on your other job leads. Our goal is to ensure both a candidate and employer win.
  4. Will my information be used without my knowledge?
    A. No. We will always contact you before sending your information to employers.
  5. What about confidentiality? I do not want anyone at my present facility to know I am looking.
    A. Holsman Healthcare has a strict confidentiality policy. Our database is proprietary and is not accessible to anyone outside of Holsman Healthcare.

  6. How do I find out about opportunities with Holsman?
    A. The best way to find out about our opportunities is to contact our office. We can tell you about positions that meet all of your requirements or act as your agent to find one for you. We take a very proactive, hands-on approach to get the job done.

Travel Staffing

  1. Why do healthcare professionals travel?
    A. Some healthcare professionals travel to see different parts of the country, while others travel because they will receive better compensation. It depends on the individual, but most healthcare professionals travel for a combination of location, pay, benefits, and professional opportunities.
  2. What are the minimum requirements to travel for Holsman?
    A. You must have a degree from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States or Canada and at least one year of acute care experience in the specialty area for which you apply for positions.
  3. How do I start?
    A. Make the first step by completing our online application. Our office will receive your application and contact you within 24 hours to gather more information and begin your search.
  4. Do I have to travel with you once I have submitted my application?
    A. No. Your application is simply used to qualify you for travel so that if you decide you want to travel with us, we can find the perfect assignment for you.
  5. How long will it take to approve my application and find an assignment?
    A. Application approval is complete after we have checked your references. You could begin your first assignment within one week as long as your documentation is in order and you have a current license in the state to which you're traveling.
  6. Do I need to sign an employment contract in order to work with Holsman?
    A. No. You will sign an assignment agreement for each placement you take  which will delineate all details for the particular placement.
  7. How long are travel assignments?
    A. A typical assignment is 13 weeks, but we offer a range of assignments, as well as permanent positions.
  8. What shifts are available?
    A. We offer shifts ranging from 8, 10 and 12 hours, depending on the facility.
  9. How will Holsman prepare me for my assignment?
    A. Once you have accepted an assignment, our office manager will confirm your start date, shift, unit, pay rate, and pay plan. We will send you an employment package with all the information you will need to start your assignment.
  10. If I'm on assignment and don't like it, do I have to stay?
    A. You are obligated to the facility and Holsman to complete your assignment. Once an assignment is complete, it is up to you to continue traveling.
  11. What happens once my assignment is complete?
    A. If the facility would like to extend your assignment, you can continue with them if you'd like. If you or the facility do not wish to extend your assignment, you may contact our office to sign up for a new assignment or permanent position elsewhere.
  12. Can I provide my own housing while on a travel assignment?
    A. Yes. If you prefer to make your own housing arrangements and the facility agrees, we will pay a housing per diem amount in your weekly check to cover the housing costs. The availability and amount of the housing allowance varies from assignment to assignment and depends upon the respective costs of living and any governmental limitation amounts. Check with our office to determine your specific options.
  13. Can you help me locate a position in a city where you do not have any assignments listed for your Open Jobs or Hot Jobs?
    A. Even though we update our open job search every day, our account managers and sales staff are bringing in new opportunities constantly. If you can't find the perfect position in the Job Search with the right unit and right location, just contact us and let our office know what you want and where you want to go!
  14. How long are travel assignments with Holsman?
    A. Travel assignments generally require a thirteen-week commitment and offer an opportunity for additional extensions of time. Some assignments may offer a shorter time commitment option of eight- or even four-week intervals.
  15. How many hours per week will I work at my travel job?
    A. Most assignments offer guaranteed hours ranging from 36 to 48 hours per week. You may work hours beyond your guarantee depending upon the facility of your assignment and you will be paid for those extra hours. Even if the facility does not schedule you for your number or guaranteed hours for a week, Holsman will pay you for your guaranteed hours if you were available to work.
  16. Where does Holsman have travel positions?
    A. Holsman has travel assignments available throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands. For current open jobs, contact us at 1877-268-9100 or by email or do a quick job search.
  17. Does Holsman offer reimbursement for licensing?
    A. Yes. We reimburse licensure costs for traveling therapists. After you have received your license and have begun an assignment, send a copy of your license along with any receipts to document payment of fees for licensing, verifications, and fingerprinting. We will reimburse these costs directly to you.

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