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Holsman Healthcare Staff Assignment:


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   Staff  Time sheets


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Here are some points you must remember while working with Holsman Healthcare.
  1. Holsman Healthcare is your employer. Therefore all questions regarding the assignment should be directed to our Office.

  2. Arriving on-time and having perfect attendance are 2 ways to make the best possible impression on your supervisor. If there is an emergency situation causing you to be late or absent, please contact HOLSMAN HEALTHCARE as soon as possible. WE will notify the client accordingly.

  3. Always dress in professional attire ( white lab coat) unless a modified dress code is required by the facility and wear your name tag or ID.

  4. Cell phone usage and personal phone calls are not permitted during your work hours except for emergencies. Please keep your cell phone  silenced during working hours. If you must make a call from your cell phone please do so during your break and off-premises from the assignment.

  5. Maintain confidentiality at ALL times. While on assignment, you will be working with confidential information pertaining to the company with which you are assigned. You should not discuss any confidential client information with other workers. Always abide by the HIPAA rules on patient confidentiality. Also, you should never discuss your pay rate while on assignment.

  6. Your timesheet is a very important document and must be processed WEEKLY. You must Fill-out both the facility's timesheet/productivity log and Holsman Healthcare's time sheet completely. Timesheets must be turned in to Holsman Healthcare office by NOON each MONDAY. Failure to turn in your timesheet will result in the delay of your paycheck. It will also affect our clients’ billing cycles and delay invoice payment. Any time you are unable to turn in your timesheet by noon on Monday, you MUST contact Holsman Healthcare office for further instructions.

  7. Keep us posted if you are asked by our clients to extend the length of your assignment or if your assignment ends earlier than expected. It is important for us to know when your work status changes so we will know whether or not you are available for other work assignments.

  8. If you are offered a permanent job by our client, please contact us immediately so that we remain informed of your status and the status of the open position.

  9. If you are injured, no matter how minor the injury, please notify your supervisor and Holsman Healthcare IMMEDIATELY.




Forms & Downloads





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Adobe PDF

Holsman Healthcare Work Safety Training Manual

Forms & Downloads

 Employment Documents

           Complete Application Packet

           24 Hour Requirement Checklist


           Declaration of Primary State of Residence

           Disclosure & Release

           EEO Information Survey

           HIPAA / Privacy Statement

           I-9 Instructions & Sample

           I-9 Form

           Injury Reporting Packet

           Pay Plan Descriptions

           Reference Release

           Traveler Assignment Evaluation

           Employee Handbook

           Work History

           Background Screening

 Job Descriptions

         Occupational Therapist Job Description

         Physical Therapist Job Description

         Speech Language Therapist Job Description


 Allied Health Skills Checklists

          Occupational Therapy Skills Checklist

          Physical Therapy Skills Checklist

          Speech Language Skills Checklist

 Medical Documents

          Authorization for Release of Medical Information

          Immunization & Vaccination Record

          Physicians Statement

         TB Screening Questionnaire

         Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxoid Declination

         Work Safety Manual

 Payroll Documents

         Personnel Data Form

         Direct Deposit Authorization

          Payroll Deduction Estimation Agreement

          Permanent Tax Residence Notification

          Reimbursement Form

          W-4 Form

          I-9 Form

          I-9 Instructions & Sample

          W9 Form

          Weekly Timesheet

          Bi-Weekly Timesheet


           Functional Documentation

           Functional and Balance tests for Geriatrics


Holsman Healthcare  is a physical rehabilitation service firm known for its caring and high quality services. We provide direct patient/client care through our highly skilled and professional Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. Holsman Healthcare is also a healthcare staffing company that specializes in the placement of  allied health professionals (PT, OT, and SLP).


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